“somewhere between Uganda and Uzbekistan”

Welcome to the post-America world. If the last one was the American Century, this century is the one in which an internationalist president abdicates our crown as leader of the free world and shuffles America randomly into the deck of nations.

No better, no worse. No greater, no lesser.

Just a country stuck somewhere between Uganda and Uzbekistan. We come in right before Uruguay!

How painfully and awkwardly Mr. Obama steps forward and timidly flexes the mighty sword that was bequeathed to him. Even his most uninspired and uninspiring predecessors at least understood they had inherited an American legacy that was the gleaming beacon of freedom and humanity around the globe.

America was the land of true Hope — not some cynical empty promise deployed just to win a small political victory.

Even Mr. Obama’s most humble predecessors did not apologize for the great country they led. They did not bow before dictators and beg forgiveness for America’s excesses, which are but a small price to pay for actual and untidy freedom.

And they certainly were not embarrassed by the unequaled strength of our military power.

This cat got so full of the heebie-jeebies, he couldn’t split town fast enough. No little military inconvenience would keep him from high-tailing it to Rio.


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5 Responses to “somewhere between Uganda and Uzbekistan”

  1. suyts says:

    Well, with the exception of Carter, Hurt is correct about BO’s predecessors. And Hurt’s final point, was the most poignant.

    “Perhaps, then, it is not humility we see in Mr. Obama. Maybe it is such epic arrogance that he actually considers himself so far above all those who came before him and the temples to freedom they built.”

    John “Jackie” Fisher could not have stated this any better, and I cannot improve upon the thought. “The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility.”

  2. Latitude says:

    One, of many, of the most ironic points is Obama’s spending.

    He came into this talking down to all of us about running up our credit cards, living above our means…lecturing all of us about being responsible

    ..then spent money like a drunk sailor

    Bought car companies, handed out money to banks, paid off unions…
    …spent like there’s no tomorrow and put us so far in debt we will not come out of it in our lifetime

    and to top it all off, rewarded the very people that got us into this mess

    Now we’re printing money, making everything we have worth less

  3. HopeyChangey says:

    We have One year and 8 months before we can get rid of this idiot, and I don’t know if we’ll last that long.

    I’m also wondering if he intends to be the Socialist’s candidate again in 2012, or if he will be able to qualify – as many states are considering a test of eligibility this time around.

    He would be forced to step aside or face inquiry. Which will it be?

  4. Al Gored says:

    Worst puppet yet… but that is why they installed him. The globalists who run things (most conspicuously from the privately owned Fed) see America’s dominance – except as their world policeman – to be a problem so they are leveling the playing field.

    Anyone who thinks Obama’s bosses have the best interests of the USA as his priority, let alone its ‘little people,’ is fooling themselves. I doubt if Barry even knows how he is being manipulated. People like him, driven more by fantasy than reality and with hyper-inflated opinions of themselves, are easily fooled and used.

    In any case, this ain’t looking so good…

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    The guy behind him wasn’t so great and will the one that follows be any better?

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