Brian Cox Knows The Answers To All Questions

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8 Responses to Brian Cox Knows The Answers To All Questions

    • bubbagyro says:

      I don’t understand. Unless you want us to concede that 42 is in between 2 prime numbers, 41 and 43? Does that mean that you like to discuss chaos theory and Mandelbrot patterns of climate disruption on Mars, beginning with the 40 members of the series of prime numbers that begin with 41?

      OR, is it like Rolling Rock beer, Old Latrobe, ’33? (33, of course, is not prime)

      • mikegeo says:

        42 was the answer to all the questions in the universe from “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”. It was humorous irony.

    • suyts says:

      It is indeed 42. Or, maybe bubbagyro could be right, Rolling Rock could be the answer too.

      So, it must probably be Rolling Rock to the power of 42.

  1. mkelly says:

    He also does a series on the solar system that is interesting. Wonders of the Solar System I think the name is. Reasonably good show. He explained a science project using an umbrella, a pan of water and a thermometer on how to find out how much sun light was hitting the surface of the earth at Death Valley. ie when water equilibriates to air temp remove umbrella from over pan and measure how long it takes to raise temp of water X deg. He stated that there was about 1000 W/m^2 hitting the earth. Far above the commonly used 240 now in vogue. My heat transfer book has number that range from 1063 at Equator to 41 at poles. SOD has a post showing that in Canada a test was run showing over 700 W/m^2. I am beinging to suspect the 1362 divided by 4 * .7 for what hits the earth.

  2. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Can you ask him when the Scientists who invented Global Warming will find the Yeti?

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    Just what we need. Another nerd like the Bill Nye The Science Guy in the USA spewing unprovable crap. This guy will probably be whining and moaning about gorebal warming, er, climate change, er, climate disruption. I wish i were there so I could fart in his general direction.

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    Carl Sagen lives!! More junk science for the masses.

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