Catlin Team Faces -42C And Five Metre Thick Ice

Looks like PIPS was right, after all.

h/t to Marc Morano and Tom Nelson

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11 Responses to Catlin Team Faces -42C And Five Metre Thick Ice

  1. Mike Davis says:

    They claim winter conditions when it is normal spring where they are!

  2. suyts says:

    lol, all of that 15ft. thick melting ice. Great song Mike! Johnny Horton is nearly a forgotten treasure.

  3. So they take one trip into the Arctic, do a few speaking engagements, and have an easy life from all the money the rest of the time. Are they millionaires yet?

  4. Tony Duncan says:


    I doubt they are millionaires. Though they probably get to keep their parkas, gloves, and goggles! I did, when I went to Antarctica. I got a cool mug with my name on it too!

  5. Peter Ellis says:

    I don’t think any model (or indeed anyone posting here) has disputed that there are residual chunks of 5m+ ice in the channels of the Canadian Archipelago. I’ll be amazed if there’s 3m ice at the North Pole like PIPS 2.0 claims.

    • Peter Ellis says:

      Addendum: The PIPS 2.0 model predicts 2.5 metre ice at Point Barrow. It’s wrong by a factor of two – here’s the current picture from the mass buoy showing 1.3m ice.

      • No it doesn’t. 2.5 metre ice is green – PIPS shows blue. PIPS reports the thickest ice in an area. The resolution is much too low to nitpick about a specific buoy.

      • suyts says:

        Peter, you do realize you are comparing apples and oranges, right? A buoy is only measuring one particular place, and assumptions are made from there. Where as PIPS is viewing the whole and making assumptions about the particular places. Just because one spot in the arctic isn’t congruent with the general entirety doesn’t mean much. That’s like saying a thermometer in the arctic is indicative of the general arctic temps.

  6. PJB says:

    They did say “some”….I wonder how many of their attempts were “unsuccessful”?

    1 out of 100….2,5,10,50?????? They didn’t elaborate, I can’t imagine why?

  7. richcar 1225 says:

    Where is the cryosat 2 data? Sea ice volume is clearly growing with the negative NAO. We now know that reduced sea ice extent allows exposed arctic waters to cool faster and and likely facilitates sea ice volume growth. Arctic ocean heat content is declining. From Bob Tisdale:

    Note the low ocean heat content in 1979 when the sattelite monitoring of sea ice extent began.

  8. HopeyChangey says:

    Notice that Catlin’s equipment gets snappier every year.

    The premise is that these dingbats are “capturing data for scientists working on changes to the arctic”

    This is ridiculous.

    This is a handful of people gathering a handful of data points (I think they drilled about 75 holes last year?) They’re working on an ever drifting ever changing surface…. and frankly, they sometimes don’t know where they are.

    This tiny, disorganized sample of “data” won’t legitimately reveal anything.

    It’s just an expensive stunt for yet another fame seeking wannabee. If they had no cause, they’d have no sponsors, and would have to pay their own way.

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