UCS Busted On Snow


Wrong on all counts.

IPCC Ice Storms

Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms








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11 Responses to UCS Busted On Snow

  1. Mike Davis says:

    The Jet Stream has been further South and UCS was never a Scientific Body but an advocacy group that contains people with science diplomas. The entire purpose for the formation of the UCS was to promote Chicken Little Causes. Word two in their name says it all “Concerned” because they never grew out of the Monster in the closet phase of their childhood! UPSW might be a better name for them. Union of Paranoid Science Wannabes. They sit around promoting scary what if paranoid fantasies!

    • GregO says:


      You answered my question: Are there any actual scientists in the Union of Concerned Scientists? Is it an actual scientific body? Apparently not. Just a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals that took a few science classes – just another clown-posse.

  2. Chris F says:

    I always got a chuckle out of having the word “Union” in there, a progressive’s wet dream…

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    You not only refuse to accept peer reviewed, NOAA documented warmcold, you also will not recognize the drywet phenomena either. You are blatently anti-science!!

  4. BarryW says:

    Of course you know there will be a report of worries about record flooding due to the snow pack…. caused by global warming probably based on record high temps that cause a sudden melt.

    • Bill gannon says:

      If there is flooding, one can blame the Corps of Engineers for not draining down the reservoir pools. Here in the Willamette Valley the Corps of Engineers perform well in most cases, but there are times when even the best intentions go horribly wrong. Warming temperatures, warm rain and melting snow pack have caused flooding but that’s normally in February.

  5. suyts says:

    Ahh, the wetdry caused by the warmcold, just as we identified much earlier!

  6. Curt says:

    Last time I checked, a couple of years ago, NONE of the climate models on which the IPCC relies predict decreased precipitation for the Sierra Nevada over the next century in the face of rising CO2 levels; most predict a significant increase, and two predict more than a doubling in average precipitation.

    You really have to be careful with regard to claims of “reduced snowpack” in the present or future. If you go back to the sources for these claims, it usually refers to the snowpack levels as of April 1. This value bears very little relationship to the amount of precipitation received through the wet season, or to the amount of water available to the state’s water system, as it is taken at the period of maximum spring melting, so is very sensitive to when the melting started.

    A few years ago, some UC Davis civil engineering professors, tasked with examining the possible impacts of warming on the state water system, concluded that even in the presence of 5C (9F) warming and a resultant 90% decrease in April 1 snowpack levels, and assuming that none of the additional melt before April 1 could be captured in the reservoirs (which they admitted was unduly pessimistic), there would be only about a 15% reduction in usable water. Under more realistic assumptions, this would only amount to a 5-10% decrease.

  7. mohatdebos says:

    So, you found another instance of the Union of Corrupt Scientists releasing false information to further their advocacy goals. BIG DEAL! Have they ever not done that?

  8. Dave N says:

    Mammoth snow fall

  9. cleanwater says:

    The name of the UCS really is Union of Corrupted Scientists. Having communicated with Jeff Masters, by E-mail , he is pretending to be a scientist,his knowledge of physics is limited to “where is the Exlax”.

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