Romm Correctly Points Out That Obama Is Dishonest

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7 Responses to Romm Correctly Points Out That Obama Is Dishonest

  1. suyts says:

    lol, that’s gotta be driving them nuts.

    • I wish the market would get flooded with coal. There’s so much of it in the ground in the US and it would create a lot of jobs getting it out. The Brits would probably buy it from us too. No need for them to go to Libya then, blood for oil and all that…. or whatever we’re there for.

  2. Baghdad Romm, mindless political hack

  3. omnologos says:

    I wonder if Romm was too busy attacking left, right and center to understand somebody was knifing him in the back?

  4. Latitude says:

    A perfect example of the ignorance of greens…..

    No one is going to do without energy, and moving pollution to another country does nothing…

    Obama was bragging that he would shut down coal plants in this country.
    We have the largest coal reserves.
    We would just, like Australia, sell our coal to other countries for them to burn.

    …now how stupid is that

  5. bruce says:

    if ground water is polluted by co2 does that mean soft drinks will be cheaper?

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