Discovery News 2011 : “North America and Eurasia’s snow cover has shrunk”

Record high is the new record low

North America and Eurasia’s snow cover has shrunk, according to study of more than 40 years of weather satellite-based snow cover maps.


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13 Responses to Discovery News 2011 : “North America and Eurasia’s snow cover has shrunk”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    It would not fit the agenda to claim an increase or a natural variation. The “Proper” Method is to pick the data to conform to your desired goals while discarding any that conflict! It is “Settled” Science!

  2. Latitude says:

    This just shows that Discovery didn’t get the memo…..

    They are still working with the old memo that said snow cover would decrease.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    To use a trite expression, at the very least, the are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  4. suyts says:

    Of course, we know that can’t possibly be true. We know a warming arctic means more snow in the N.H. Overland told us so!

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    DAMN! Someone ship a few truckloads of Head and Shoulders into my area. There was a LOT of dandruff out there this weekend. It sure can’t be snow, since we hardly ever get snow after spring starts and getting less must mean it was not snow.

  6. Jeff K says:

    Forty years?????? I had no idea that climate started only forty years ago.
    What kind of limbo were we all living in for those older that forty years.

  7. Greg, San Diego, CA says:

    The key to this drivel is the following:

    “was revealed after researchers made overdue adjustments to decades of daily snow cover maps. After fine tuning the maps…found a 1990 decline in spring snow extent that we still see today.”

    Sounds like a Hansen revision to the data, and a Mann hide the “increase” by manipulating the results to indicate global warming by making adjustments to data and maps.

    The inhumanity of it all!

  8. bubbagyro says:

    “The prevailing wisdom for the past 15 or 20 years is that snow cover extent is more important than snow depth,” said hydroclimatologist Gavin Gong of Columbia University.”>/i>

    I guess we can call this “The Gong Snow”?

    I thought warmer meant more snow? That is before it meant less snow. This whole thing is really snowballing into another snow job.

    • suyts says:

      lol, >/i> I can gather what you mean. What are the odds of people named Gavin having the predisposition of failing to grasp reality?

  9. bubbagyro says:

    Yikes! Get rid of my backwards italic stop code!

  10. Ralph says:

    Does Discovery even do science anymore? The last time I looked at a TV schedule for Discovery I saw shows about choppers, guns, taxi cabs, auctions.

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