Warming Temperatures Expose More Beaver

Beavers are among the unwelcome changes associated with climate change, said Michael Brubaker, lead author of reports documenting how two northwest villages have been affected. The appearance of North America’s largest rodent was a signal that a traditional water source had changed.


Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the beaver last night?”

– Mrs. Cleaver

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3 Responses to Warming Temperatures Expose More Beaver

  1. Al Gored says:

    Maybe if they trapped beaver like in the bad old days they could stop the impacts of climate change…

    P.S. Good quote from Mrs. Cleaver. Never picked up on how raunchy that show really was before…

  2. Sundance says:

    This article was also run in Mother Jones and completely ripped apart in the comments section by a scientist who specialized in beavers.

  3. Tourist in Chief says:

    But but but….. I thought “Nature” was all pure and pristine! Angelic without flaw!

    Does this mean that NATURAL, PURE rivers, untouched by the filth of man are not “clean”????

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