Amazon Hit By Droughtflood

Brazil is recovering from months of widespread floods and ravaged by widespread drought – at the same time.


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5 Responses to Amazon Hit By Droughtflood

  1. Robert of Ottawa says:

    To be fair, the floods happened in the montaigns inland from Rio and Sao Paulo. The Amazon area is a couple of thousand miles North. Brasil is a big country; #6 I think but they challenge Australia’s position for #5.

    I strongly recommend people to visit Brasil; wonderful language.

    Bloody hot! Like Australia 🙂

  2. Mike Bromley says:

    Madness. They’re examining every square pixel of the planet in service of their creed. Then backstrapolating to fill in all the imaginary gaps in the record (before 1960, before 1960). Sputnik, oh what hath ye rot.

  3. Bill Illis says:

    There is a very strong ENSO influence on Brazil rains.

    The last 90 days OLR map. Browns and Black are reduced cloud cover and reduced rainfall. Blues and Pink are increased cloud cover and increased rainfall.

    Very standard La Nina pattern.

    Now if one wanted to show drought in the Amazon, one would only need to pick an El Nino time period and the map above changes to show drought in the Amazon etc.

  4. PandR says:

    Despite flooding, some areas of Australia still have water restrictions. The problem seems to be infrastructure can’t cope with population growth. And the Government does not want to build infrastructure. So the resulting “droughtflood” gets blamed on climate change.

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