Blue State vs. Red State



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6 Responses to Blue State vs. Red State

  1. Scott says:

    CA and TX track each other well in the 2001-2007 region. Before and after that, CA is higher unless you go back as far as 1991. I think a comparison to Washington might be better, as TX and WA track each other much better until recently.

    Or heck, use CO. CO unemployment was lower than TX pretty much the entire time (1990 onward) until 2008…wasn’t that around the time we switched from red to blue?


  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Blue states have more people that have been bullied and victimized by white males.

    • jimmyK8 says:

      you need to qualify that with, “perceived bullying, and victimization, because someone told them they were before they even knew they were”

  3. AndyW says:

    That’s because a lot of Texans are working in wind farms nowadays

    “But the Mayor of Sweetwater, Greg Wortham, puts me right on that. Support for wind energy, he explains, is based on the jobs and wealth generated.

    A single wind turbine can earn a landowner $10,000 a year. A field of cotton can more than double its revenue if turbines are planted.

    It’s popular – but whatever you do, don’t mention the climate, say Mr Wortham. It’s too polarising.

    “Carbon footprint, green, climate change – those issues are so charged in the US that really the fact that this produces energy and revenue… and other things we say we’re for, there are just certain labels that cause people to form into groups. ”

    Perhaps California can follow Texas’ good example?


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