Shock News From Catlin : The Arctic Has Severe Storms

The Catlin team hasn’t moved for a week due to the weather, despite the fact that leading experts tell us there isn’t enough energy in cold climates to produce storms.



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4 Responses to Shock News From Catlin : The Arctic Has Severe Storms

  1. Latitude says:

    what I did on my summer vacation……………..

  2. Robert of Ottawa says:

    As an Ottawan, I can tell the little dear that she didn’t have to go to the Arctic to discover that a temperature rise overnight from -35C to -15C is noticeable. It happens here often.

    Listen fellas and ladies, in 6 months, the temperatures in this fair city go traverses 60C, from -30 to +30, then back again, every year. No one dies. We adapt.

  3. NoMoreGore says:

    If Catlin keeps going up there, eventually he’ll succeed at Idiocide. The natural tendency of the oblivious to blunder into fatality.

  4. Al Gored says:

    That’s right children. Every year the Catlin Expedition comes down from the North Pole with many gifts for sarcastic skeptics. Monty Python’s In Search of the Holey Ice. They know that the snow blasting their faces is not good multiyear flakes but rather bad new warmsnowflakes, likely kicked into the air by a dying polar bear. No doubt the recent Nunavut heat wave killed many, and that also probably accounts for the unprecedented winds. I look forward to their continuing adventures.

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