Garnaut – Climate Change Is About Confiscating Your Money

Let’s keep electing officials who hate us! It works well in the US and Australia.

Professor Garnaut, Julia Gillard’s chief climate change adviser, yesterday responded to fierce criticism from the electricity sector that his eighth and final climate change update — which recommends an urgent review of Australia’s energy market and regulatory regime — could undermine investment in the electricity industry.

Speaking outside an ANU climate change seminar in Canberra, he said: “Anyone who thinks that electricity prices have nothing to do with climate change mitigation and carbon pricing has clearly not followed the debate.”

Professor Garnaut said many people had seized on the rise in electricity prices on the heels of the “sub-optimal” regulation of the sector as a reason why pricing carbon would be difficult.


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2 Responses to Garnaut – Climate Change Is About Confiscating Your Money

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    If they had ever succeeded with their proposed Carbon Futures market, that would have been the biggest insider bilking operation in history.

  2. Dave N says:

    Can Garnaut build a bigger strawman? Industry must be scratching their heads over that comment. I hope they point out his folly soon.

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