Ignore Any Data Which Doesn’t Support Your Theory

Southern hemisphere doesn’t count. It isn’t behaving properly.

Don’t assume uniform warming – expert

The more we’re learning about the Southern Hemisphere we understand that it has its own climate system that’s somewhat different.” He was part of research led by Dr Joerg Schaefer of Columbia University in New York, which has calculated in detail the retreat and advance of glaciers in New Zealand over the past 11,500 years and compared it with what happened at the same time in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers are still growing, despite global warming, apparently because of weather patterns bringing more cool, wet conditions to New Zealand.



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7 Responses to Ignore Any Data Which Doesn’t Support Your Theory

  1. Les Johnson says:

    So, the artificial increase in temperatures by the NZ weather service was just that? Artificial?

    Growing glaciers and cooling temps, but manipulated data that suggests warming.

    And the AGW proponents wonder why they have falling credibility and are losing public support.

  2. DERise says:

    Glaciers are growing due to cool wet conditions, so ignore the fact that they are growing, “official” temperature records that contribute to global warming show contridictory warming conditions, Keep the “evidence” of warming, toss the real world results of cooling. Makes sense to me!
    One day, I can see these “scientists” claiming that the July snow storms in the Great Plains are consistant with their models, and they predicted the crop failures years ago, and we should stop all coal production, and increase conversion of what little food is produced into fuel…

    • mohatdebos says:

      Franz Josef Glacier used to be Exhibit 1 for AGW alarmists when it was shrinking a few years ago. Indeed, one of the “green” tour companies used to organize treks to the glacier so that one could see first hand the impact of global warming. I wonder how these tours are doing now. Expanding glaciers (LOL) are not part of the green litany.

  3. Sundance says:

    If only 10% to 20% of the grid shows warming at the local level (see Climategate emails) is it still global warming?

  4. MikeTheDenier says:

    Wow. The southern hemisphere has its own climate. I guess they want us to believe the SH is not part of planet earth, but a world all to itself. I knew the word was full of crackpots but some of these clowns are down right dangerous.

  5. truthsword says:

    For settled science things sure change an awful lot…

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