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Team Global Warming Officially Joins The Ranks Of Flat Earthers

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Doomed Wine Industry Having A Banner Year

Like the maple syrup industry, wine is doing fantastic – but will soon collapse into a fiery death of hellish tipping points. The news: Early tastings of Bordeaux 2010 suggest it is probably just as good as the 2009, described … Continue reading

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Japanese Power Plant Shuts Off Lights In Support Of Earth Hour

Not having electricity is a worthy goal.

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Ignore Any Data Which Doesn’t Support Your Theory

Southern hemisphere doesn’t count. It isn’t behaving properly. Don’t assume uniform warming – expert ”The more we’re learning about the Southern Hemisphere we understand that it has its own climate system that’s somewhat different.” He was part of research led … Continue reading

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When Darwin Talked About Adaptation And Natural Selection, He Must Have Meant That The Environment Normally Stays The Same

Did the people who talk about “stopping climate change” actually  make it through primary school science?

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Climate Models Show Off Their Stuff

They forecast a warm winter in the upper midwest. Below shows how they did.  

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Punxsutawney Phil In Hiding I mentioned global warming to a 25 year Connecticut resident today. He nearly bit my head off. Global warming and the early spring  is forcing him to migrate to Florida.

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