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The Cart Pulling The Horse ….

This guy is trying to blame a volcano in Antarctica on the melting ice above it …. sort of like blaming the heat in the barbecue on the steak being cooked. Accelerated melting of glacial ice decreases the load on … Continue reading

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Soccer Proxy

I’ve been coaching soccer nearly every Saturday in the Spring and Fall for the last 15 years. Ten years ago, the weather was almost always warm and pleasant. But for the last five years, the weather has been almost invariably … Continue reading

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Back To Winter Clothing …..

Other than Thursday and a couple of hours yesterday morning, it has been so cold in Colorado this week that I have had to go back to wearing my winter jacket. UCS would describe this as the “early spring.”

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No, The IPCC Did Not Predict This

Trying to rewrite history since Al Gore invented the Internet is tough …. Scientists Say Earth’s Warming Could Set Off Wide Disruptions Published: September 18, 1995* A “striking” retreat of mountain glaciers around the world, accompanied in the Northern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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Meanwhile … The Climate Story Changes To Match The Weather

Global Warming Blamed for Heavy Snowstorms, Record Floods WASHINGTON, DC, March 2, 2011 (ENS) – Global warming is “loading the dice” to increase the frequency of record-setting snowstorms like those that have pounded the United States and Europe the past … Continue reading

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Meanwhile ….. The Sheeple Bleet Dutifully

Study: Global warming will challenge ski industry Colorado’s ski areas will have to carve runs higher up the mountains and triple their snowmaking if they are to co-exist with global warming over the coming decades, a new study says. That … Continue reading

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The Climate Model Effect

Since the models predicted that Colorado would lose its snow, the snow has gone crazy.  December 28, 2007 Aspen flirts with powder record Only December 1983 tops this month. ASPEN — This month is shaping up as the second snowiest … Continue reading

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