1850 : Sacramento Destroyed By Low CO2 Flood


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3 Responses to 1850 : Sacramento Destroyed By Low CO2 Flood

  1. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    Very bad news about Fukushima:

    The world’s largest concrete pump is being moved to Fukushima from Atlanta

    has a 70-meter boom and can be controlled remotely, making it suitable for use in the unpredictable and highly radioactive environment of the doomed nuclear reactors in Japan, he said……

    “The bottom line is, the Japanese need this particular unit worse than we do, so we’re giving it up,” said Jerry Ashmore


  2. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    radiation in the groundwater

    ……..at 10,000 times the government health standard.


  3. Tourist in Chief says:

    I read somewhere that there are graphite sleeves around the dampening rods which are inserted from the base of the reactor. So if any rods melted, molten nuke material could burn thru those sleeves and allow water to contaminate the area below the reactor.

    Piers mentioned the 132 year cycle of the Moscow heat wave. Sacramento has had many floods, but this one is close to the same period:

    Record Flood: The February 1986 storm dumps 10 inches of rain on Sacramento in 11 days. The American River dumps more water into Folsom than it is designed to handle. After 2 days of releases at the design level, (115,000 cubic feet per second (cfs)), officials boost releases to 134,000 cfs. Folsom performance downgraded to about a 60-year storm.

    Apparently, we still don’t have enough CO2 because Sacramento is flooding every few years.


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