Piers : “The level of their science is nonsense”

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3 Responses to Piers : “The level of their science is nonsense”

  1. What about the tree rings? Why don’t you talk about the tree rings?

    Oh, that’s right. The tree ring data was “accidentally” erased by the “scientists” who found the tree ring temperature data inconveniently truthful, and substituted “actual” temperature readings when the tree ring data stubbornly refused to support assertions of rising temperatures.

    The AGW industry won’t let a few facts stand in the way of their messianic determination to save the planet by robbing taxpayers blind. Nor will academics refute myths that generate billions in government grants.

    Of course, we must respect scientific fact. Thanks, by the way, for supplying a few.

  2. woodNfish says:

    How about the fact that there has never been any scientific proof that trees even make good thermometers, or poor ones for that matter. It is all speculation.

  3. woodNfish says:

    Hey Steven, if you are going to quote someone, you could at least provide a link back to the source material. Piers, who?

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