Wind Farms As Bad As CO2

Greenie religion takes a full frontal assault.

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8 Responses to Wind Farms As Bad As CO2

  1. AndyW says:

    I guess we will have to just do tidal then, unless of course that will make the moon crash into New York.


    • Paul H says:

      I think you might be onto something there, Andy.

      Just think of all the energy we could tap into if the moon crashlanded.

  2. Steven – it’s from the New Scientist. Are you into fiction, nowadays?

  3. Paul H says:

    The windfarm up our way was switched off yesterday as the 20mph winds were too strong.

  4. Martin Mangino, Ph.D. says:

    How will harnessing atmospheric energy (derived ultimately from the sun) lead to its depletion? Wind power will never work but that’s not a valid reason why it won’t. Will absorbing sunlight on the surface make it dark outside?

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