1969 : Northwest Passage Normally Open 2-4 Months A Year


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6 Responses to 1969 : Northwest Passage Normally Open 2-4 Months A Year

  1. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Are you looking into history to see what is normal? You are not supposed to be looking for things independent of what the consensus of scientists say. Everything happening now is unprecedented. It never happened before. Normal is gone now. We can only hope to find some semblance of normal from now on.

    sarc—for those really challenged people that didn’t already know it was sarcasm

  2. Latitude says:

    hang on to this one………

    …I’m going to need it later

  3. Mike Davis says:

    This needs to be posted at RC!

  4. Douglas Pohl says:

    You might find this tid-bit interesting – the 143,000GT SS MANHATTAN was stopped by polar ice during her transit of the Northwest Passage in 1969 and changed routes – mother nature determines where you go in the Arctic – in 2012 the 45GT M/V GREY GOOSE will be challenging the Arctic Northwest Passage thanks to global climate change – I’ve been studying the Arctic for the Expedition for the past five years – I’ve seen changes that I hope to capitalize on in ‘planning’ a voyage route which was last visited by Captain William Parry – 2010 satellite images indicate new ice areas melting earlier allowing open boat navigation – if this same trend continues this 2011 season we will make plans to be on station in 2012 during our northwestpassage2012.com Expedition in hopes mother nature will allow us to go where the last explorer some 190+ years ago ventured – I believe the reason for this new meltings is the result of volcano eruptions discharging significant quantites of ash into the upper atmosphere. time will tell. Anyone up to joining our Expedition checkout the website and drop me a message – we are sharing expenses making it affordable.

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