Former Sceptic Realizes That He Too Can Feed At The Global Warming Trough

This is the view of leading Western District farmer, Mark Wootton, a self-described climate-change sceptic turned renewable energy lobbyist.

The trained geographer says his view changed as the weight of scientific evidence that human actions were causing climate change grew, and he now accepts the validity of the mainstream scientific view.

Now he argues that whether they “believe” the science of climate change or not, farmers can benefit by learning more about carbon markets.

And he says farming is to play a big role in solving climate change but to enable this, governments urgently need to put more money into extensive agricultural research and development.

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3 Responses to Former Sceptic Realizes That He Too Can Feed At The Global Warming Trough

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Has he ever published anything or said anything in the past to indicate that he truly was a “sceptic”? Sounds a little dubious.

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    More evidence of the co-opting circle jerk. If you want someone on your side, pay them. If you want them to wave a flag for the cause, pay them well.

    Evildoers behind the warming scam are pulling out all stops to get red states on board the warming train, by finding ways to pay them off as well. We are really on the ropes here. 2012 is a make or break election.

  3. gofer says:

    “Carbon markets”??? It amounts to the buying, selling, and trading of AIR. There used to be a standing joke of the only thing they haven’t taxed it the “air we breathe” and in this insane world, that’s what they are attempting.

    The problem lies with people not understanding “carbon”…it’s understood by the public as “soot” and if people were more educated as to what they are talking about, there would be a collective world-wide gasp. The entire world is one big ball of carbon with all it’s many forms and the world is going to be destroyed by carbon……..

    Is there no “margins of error” in the climate world? Is it possible to get down to one molecule of CO2 and how is that supposed to be worldwide??? No logical or sane person would ever believe the worldwide temps could actually be pointed down to .01 or even .10

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