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1969 : Northwest Passage Normally Open 2-4 Months A Year


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1967 : Natural Gas To Light Your House

In 1967, the US government came up with  a novel idea. Stimulate natural gas production by blowing up a nuke. The cool thing about that idea was that the gas would glow in the dark, eliminating the need to ignite … Continue reading

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Weird Ride

I did a long ride in the mountains this morning through four seasons. It was 50F at the start of the ride, and 35F at the end. I rode into a 40 MPH headwind up on the hogback, then the … Continue reading

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Reader Survey : What Is Your Favorite Fastest Warming Place On The Planet?

Many different places on Earth are now known to be the fastest warming place on the planet. Which one is your favorite?

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Global Warming Morphs Into Parasitic And Bacterial Forms


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Declining Snow Cover – Above Normal Every Day This Year

http://moe.met.fsu.edu/snow/ John Cook explains : the long-term trend in spring, summer, and annual snow cover is one of rapid decline. As a result, the planet as a whole is becoming less reflective and absorbing more sunlight, which is accelerating global … Continue reading

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UAH : Coldest March In At Least Nine Years

http://discover.itsc.uah.edu/amsutemps/data/amsu_daily_85N85S_ch05.r002.txt Last year, March and November were the key months for Hansen’s effort to heat the climate to record levels. This year he will have to work a lot harder.

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Hiding The Decline Is Now A Fundamental Principle Of Climate Science

http://pressrepublican.com/ http://www.woodfortrees.org/  

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Why The US Nuked Hiroshima

Truman wanted to end the war quickly before Stalin could make any claim to Japan. http://news.google.com/newspapers

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Obama Learned From President Johnson

Obama has adopted the foreign policy approach President Johnson used in Vietnam in 1965. We all know how well that that turned out. http://news.google.com/newspapers

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