1967 : Rewriting History

Interesting real-time account of the Seven Day War, before our anti-Semitic friends on the left had a chance to rewrite the history books.


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5 Responses to 1967 : Rewriting History

  1. Tony Duncan says:


    Yup,, those leftist revisionist who changed it so that the Arabs actually won the 1967 war.
    Where did those progressives, like Benny Morris come from writing that anti semitic propaganda about Israeli war crimes

    • You mean like the US dropping Napalm on 500,000 civilians in Tokyo? Or the settlers of Vermont killing, plundering and stealing land from the Native Americans? Last week the US killed 40 civilians in Pakistan with a drone.

  2. Tony Duncan says:


    There has been no land plundering in VT, except for dairy farms, in years.

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    It gets harder to change history as revisionists are want to do because of the paper trail that is more evident in the age of instant news.

    The bombing of Dresden cannot be erased, but it was downplayed because of the lack of news coverage. Since then, there have been just too many independent eye witnesses to allow that to go unnoticed – or for the idiots to change the scenario to fit their bigotry.

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