Settled Science : Masters vs. Masters vs. Hansen vs. NOAA

Hansen is always hoping for heat – to keep his dream of a dying planet alive.

Masters, February 23

A significant shift is occurring in the Equatorial waters of the Eastern Pacific off the coast of South America, where the tell-tale signs of the end to the current La Niña event are beginning to show up.

Masters, March 23

In his blog today, he said long-range models that try to predict El Niño’s future “are all over the place,” as they usually are in March.

Hansen, March 31

Based on sub­sur­face ocean tem­pera­tures, the way these have pro­gres­sed the past sever­al months, and com­parisons with de­velop­ment of prior El Niños, we be­lieve that the sys­tem is mov­ing toward a strong El Niño start­ing this summ­er. It’s not a sure bet, but it is pro­b­able.

Wolter (NOAA) March 4

I believe the odds for a two-year (La Nina) event remain well above 50%, notwithstanding the possibility of temporary weakening during boreal summer.

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9 Responses to Settled Science : Masters vs. Masters vs. Hansen vs. NOAA

  1. omnologos says:

    One of those statements HAS to be correct! Consensus has saved the day, once again!

  2. Perry says:


    I received this link just now. It is about about proposals to cap hydrothermal vents for power generation and harvesting minerals. Whether this is feasible or an elaborate1st April stunt that arrived late with, me I do not know. I would have sent it direct to you, but I have not found a contact for email.

    One point does strike me. What fuss would there be, about the destruction of the lifeforms that exist around the vents?



  3. Perry says:

    Here’s the link, but I see it’s 3 years old

    My mistake.


  4. jose says:


  5. Mike Mangan says:

    I love it. Picture them in their offices, praying for the next El Niño. During a negative PDO. Good luck with that, Jimbo. The mild gain in warmth we’ve enjoyed since the end of the LIA only occurs during the positive phase of the PDO, IIRC. This is the second La Niña in a row where temps have dropped below the 30-year average. If the AGW monster can’t overcome La Niñas during a thirty year stretch when it’s MOSTLY La Niñas, then this game is over.

  6. Dave N says:

    Masters thinks that predictions are all over the place only because he can’t make any that are accurate. He should talk to Bastardi and Corbyn more.. but then I suspect when that happens, hell will be enduring an ice age.

  7. Masters does not know what he is talking about. A climate bafoon.

    As we can see March is -.1c below normal, showing that the natural forces in this case mainly La Nina, trump CO2 ,and it’s effects on earth’s climatic system.


    1. mostly quiet sun with some active spurts of activity.

    2. increase geological activity in response to item 1. Especially high lat. volcanic activity.

    3. -AO atmospheric circulation ,which is more likey to dominate, due to items 1 and 2.

    4. mainly cold PDO/AMO to follow, again associated with item 1.

    5. mainly +soi oscillation, again associated with item 1 and item 4.

    6. -AO creates a positive feedback for N.H. cooling due to this type of atm. circulation being associated with increase cloud cover, snow cover and precip. for latitudes say 40 to 70 N. This in turn increases earth’s albedo , which promotes cooling ,and reinforces the -AO atm. circulation, because with this set up, the latitudes beneath the pole are likely to cool more in contrast to the latitudes 70-90N , WHICH again promotes a more -AO.

    7. The duration and degree of magnitude, these above items phase into will translate into how much cooling the N.H, AND THE GLOBE will undergo this decade. This will be the decade of global cooling. Lag times must be applied.

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  9. Shevva says:

    As ‘they’ say the markets will decide, I’d make ’em put there years wage on there predictions, we’ll soon hear how accurate they think there weather forecatss are.

    I love the 50% guess, simple to the point like the MET office really, chance of 50% hot/50% cold.

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