Declining Spring Snow Cover : Snowiest March Since 1987

Extensive northern hemisphere snow cover during the 197os was caused by record cold and global cooling, but now it is caused by record heat and global warming. Like when your broiler starts behaving like the deep freeze.

So far this year, snow cover has been fifth highest on record. Snow cover has been rising steadily for 20 years, in direct proportion to the level of dishonesty from the global warming funded alarmist community.


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3 Responses to Declining Spring Snow Cover : Snowiest March Since 1987

  1. Latitude says:

    Steve, here’s something fun to do….

    Overlay the snow graph with the UAH temp graph.

    If warmer temps put more moisture in the air, then warmer winters would be more snowy.

    ….They’re not

  2. Lance says:

    well, my yard and countryside is still covered here south of Calgary. Melting snow-ice, makes for terrible bike riding, so the bike stays inside…can’t wait for some GW….

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    Looks like an uptrend since 1991. Not consistent at all with runaway warming.

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