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30 Years Of Warming Erased In 15 Months

As Hansen always points out – El Nino is climate, but La Nina is just weather.

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Summer Of 2007

The “record melt” of 2007 was largely due to ice being compacted by the wind. The ice edge was being blown 30 miles a day during August.

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IRS Closed During April?


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Obama Whitehouse: 10% Unemployment Is Good Because It Reduces CO2 Emissions

Speaking to a U.N ‘Kyoto II’ negotiating group in Bangkok, U.S. Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change Jonathan Pershing “noted in a series of slides that U.S. emissions have declined about 8.7 percent since 2005 — and while he acknowledged … Continue reading

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If You Magnify Anything Enough, You Can Make It Look Really Scary


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World Bank Sells Worthless Little Rectangles Of Paper


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“Not since Communism’s heyday has a dubious concept so haunted and crippled the intelligentsia”


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This Is What They Are Hysterical About?


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Coldest March Of The Millenium

http://www.drroyspencer.com/ https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/  

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Ozone Hole Reversal

Every few hundred thousand years, the Earth experiences a magnetic pole reversal. All the Penguins move to the …… We now see a different type of polar reversal. The Ozone hole has flipped. http://www.globalpost.com/  

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