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They Lie About Almost Everything Now

BANGKOK, Thailand, April 6, 2011 (ENS) – The first round of UN climate change talks since the Cancun summit in December is underway in Bangkok this week. Negotiators from 173 governments are supposed to build on the Cancun agreements and … Continue reading

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Suzuki Can’t Take A Hint From Nature

Dr. David Suzuki: I do despair. My wife and I huddle at night and weep for our helplessness. We are losing big-time and I’m enough of a scientist to see we are heading right down the tube. Judging by the … Continue reading

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Winter Snow Is Caused By Cold

Yesterday I showed that Northern Hemisphere snow cover has no correlation with global temperature. However, there is a very good correlation between snow extent and cold. The plot below shows Rutgers North American snow cover vs. the UAH US temperature … Continue reading

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World Doomed Unless We Send Money


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Election Coming : Obama Starting To Pretend He Is A Moderate Again

Plenty of time to finish the job in the next four years. http://www.bloomberg.com/

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CSM Captures A Rare Photo Of The Dominant Greenhouse Gas


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A Chance To Restore Sanity


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