CSM Captures A Rare Photo Of The Dominant Greenhouse Gas


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4 Responses to CSM Captures A Rare Photo Of The Dominant Greenhouse Gas

  1. Tony Duncan says:


    and to think I have accused you of only posting things that make the warmest look bad. But they totally nailed this one!

    So when do you expect the EPA to set limits on H2O emissions?

  2. Al Gored says:

    Frightening plume! You can already see the ice beginning to melt on that river, and within weeks it will have disappeared completely… maybe it already has? No way of knowing with a Catlin Expedition to probe it.

    To prevent that dangerous release of water vapour into the atmosphere it would seem logical to add particulates to precipitate it out as close to that stack as possible. We need more soot coming out of coal fired plant stacks, for the polar bears and the children.

  3. Charles Higley says:

    Actually that’s a picture of water vapor. The CO2 is invisible.

    We should pump out as much CO2 as we can in the winter so that the plants can grow and bloom earlier in the Spring. Higher CO2 makes them more temperature tolerant, an effect we will need with the incipient global cooling.

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