Global Warming Is Now Local

(Reuters) – Many fastest-growing cities, especially those in the developing world, stand to suffer disproportionately from the effects of climate change, a new study reported on Thursday.

Few urban areas are taking the necessary steps to protect their residents — billions of people around the globe — from such likely events as heat waves and rising seas, according to research to appear in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability and European Planning Studies.

They are also failing to cut their own emissions of climate-warming greenhouse gases, the study found.

“Climate change is a deeply local issue and poses profound threats to the growing cities of the world,” study author Patricia Romero Lankao, a sociologist specializing in climate change and urban development, said in a statement.

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4 Responses to Global Warming Is Now Local

  1. latest BBC news: Arctic meltdown is always six years in the future.

    Note how they’re still thinking of thinning ice. Forecast for next year: a peer-reviewed analysis showing how global warming means a thickening of the Arctic sea ice.

    • Jimbo says:

      And Gore referenced this chap who said that 2013 may have been too conservative. Now he changes his tune as Arctic ice concentration is well above 2007. These people think we are not looking and comparing.

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    How special that she’s a Sociologist.

    Last I checked, there are no beachfront Ghettos.

  3. Justa Joe says:

    “a sociologist specializing in climate change and urban development,”

    You’d think that the disciplines of “climateology,” civil engineering, or economics might be more approriate, but I guess when you’re just dreaming stuff up it doesn’t really matter. Anyone can get into the act.

    If catastrophic ‘climate change” was revealed to be false. The dept. of sociology in climate change and urban development would really take a hit along with no doubt hundreds of other AGW ‘academics’ currently suckling at the tax payer financed teat. (while producing nothing of value)

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