Dangerous Sea Level Rise In Japan

At current rates of sea level rise, Japan will be submerged in only infinity years.



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3 Responses to Dangerous Sea Level Rise In Japan

  1. Scott says:

    Sure that isn’t a very large negative number of years? LOL


  2. Joy says:

    It is not annual statistics for sea rise that will determine Japan’s descent into the ocean. It will be the sudden drop of the tectonic plates into the subduction zone. Over 1000 earthquakes in the last 30 days with 4
    major quakes in the last 2 days…the land around Fukushima is dropping daily and moving away from the southern region. I suspect that if the numbers above are broken down to the last few months of data, you would see and rapid rising of sea levels. There are so many factors to consider, correlative historic data is only useful if we have statistics to compare with other land masses that have dropped below sea level. Was it gradual or over a relatively short period of time (several months or so)? The data above doesn’t tell us much and certainly doesn’t conclude that all is well with the sea rising in Japan.

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