Fully Fabricated Warming Trend In Chandler, Arizona

Through the magic of adjustments, USHCN has created a strong warming trend (red) in Chandler, Arizona – where the thermometer data (blue) shows none.

They did this by subtracting four degrees from temperatures prior to 1910, and two degrees for temperatures prior to 1989. As you can see above, this creates a nice consistent warming trend.


“If the present refuses to get warmer, the past must become cooler.”

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10 Responses to Fully Fabricated Warming Trend In Chandler, Arizona

  1. Latitude says:

    I’ve tried to say all along…
    …it’s not the trees, it’s not the ice….

    …it’s not even the rocks

    It’s the adjustments

  2. Latitude says:

    This is 4 degrees.
    When all we’re really talking about is 1/2 degree.

    How many times would that have to do this to show that 1/2 degree…..

    …not many

  3. Jimbo says:

    What’s the reason given for the adjustments?

  4. Baa Humbug says:

    The explanatory notes don’t make sense to me. I don’t see any adjustments prior to 1910. I see about 4 degrees ADDED from 1989 and 1 to 2 degrees ADDED from 1911 to 1989. Just eyeballing.
    Nowhere does the red line go below the blue, so how could Ts have been subtracted?

  5. kramer says:

    Mr. Goddard,

    Any chance you can put all of these temp adjustments you find and post also in their own page? It’s be nice to have a repository of these adjustments for quick access.

    No worries if you can’t or won’t, just asking…

  6. Al Gored says:

    Wow. That graph demonstrates how consistently wrong reality can be.

  7. Layne Blanchard says:

    It shows they’ve abandoned all pretense opf scientific reason. Any legitimate adjustment would be well documented, and have some empirically obtained underpinning. Round numbers? Fixed over periods of years? It’s a joke.

  8. GregO says:


    I live here. It hasn’t been getting detectably hotter. It has been getting a bit cooler. I have a heater on under my desk right now as we have had a bit of a cool snap and my feet are freezing as I am quite adjusted to hotter weather.

    I measure UHI by hanging a portable thermometer on my car antenna and driving from Chandler to the Indian reservation and back. In the cooler months I measure around 4 degrees F delta T (rural being cooler; city hotter) and in the summer I measure around 7 degrees F delta T. I go at the same time, just after sunset.

    It’s just a shame that with all the tax dollars spent on climate-change research (I read somewhere it is upwards 80 billion dollars) we can’t get better temperature readings from our government/civil temperature sensors.

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