The Rumors Of Antarctica’s Demise Were Exaggerated

Turns out there hasn’t been any polar amplification after all.

Working on a year-long research project in a polar station in the Antarctica, Franzisca Nehring, feels global warming hasn’t really affected the ice Surrounded by snow and ice for 14 months, seals and penguins for company and an indomitable spirit to survive against all odds, German Air Chemist, Dr. Franziska Nehring, who was part of a research team at a polar station in the Antarctica, came back with valuable data, incredible images and, more importantly, as a better individual. Dr. Franziska, who hails from a small town in north eastern Germany, lived and worked at the air chemistry laboratory of the polar station of the German Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Neumayer II, under extreme cold conditions between one summer and the next, without once developing cold feet. On her brief visit to Muscat, she discloses that temperatures in Antarctica have not really increased significantly enough to cause the ice to start melting. The published readings by some scientists could be wrongly recorded decades ago when technology wasn’t as advanced as it now is, so there may not actually be any increase in temperatures so as to cause global concern, she concludes in a discussion with the author a fornight ago in Muscat where she shared her experiences at Antarctica. Excerpts from a chat with the author:

Let’s begin with a key concern: What is your opinion about the Antarctic ice melting due to global warming and the threat it would pose in coming years.

I would the say the situation is not as critical as it is made out. But, at some places in the Antarctica, we do find the ice breaking away and falling but its only in isolated spots. At the German base, we don’t really see any rise in temperature, in fact, it might be the other way round. So at this base we don’t see any global warming effect at all. But, this is a big discussion because you never know how accurate the measurements taken much earlier were because technology was not as advanced as it is now. It’s too easy to say that Antarctica is warmed by 1-2 degrees but, I’d infer, that is not really true.”

h/t to Marc Morano

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7 Responses to The Rumors Of Antarctica’s Demise Were Exaggerated

  1. Jimbo says:

    Warmists are seeing what they want to see. They plant their thermometers near their Antarctica bases and claim a rise in temperature.

  2. Jeff K says:

    She can kiss her career goodbye.

  3. Meme Mine says:

    We have not lost the war on climate change, despite Obama being silent when American IPCC funding was cut off by the Senate and the president not even mentioning the climate change crisis in his State of the Union Speech. Why is the war on climate change not over? Because there will always be those apposed to environmental protection and the battles will continue. But there is a growing movement of tea party activists who want treason charges brought upon those in academia who ( in their words), “led us to a false war with a false enemy of climate change”. Gee, sounds like Iraq and Bush’s WMD lies and fear mongering doesn‘t it?
    Environmentalism needs a new core value system. It should be based on courage, optimism and pride by being proud of a half century of environmental achievements. Achievements like the bounty of environmental laws, protections and standards that helped us defeat the smoggy 70’s when a river caught fire in Ohio. Back in 1900 there was a movement concerned with planning on where to put all of the horses needed by the year 2000. So the future does not always need to appear dim to environmental supporters for we have to gain back the former believers who, in their eyes, were being asked to sacrifice their lifestyles and pay for taxing the air to make the winters colder. Our motivation for good planetary stewardship with CO2 dangers was not sustainable so let’s remove the CO2 factor from the overall environmental equation, cut our losses, and try to gain back what we have lost in support and respect.
    System Change, not Climate Control.
    And meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 24 years of climate control instead of needed population control.

    • Jimbo says:

      AGW is just another false alarm. The climate scientists are slowly beginning to realise this fact and are starting to be much less strident in their predictions. Hansen is about to learn some hard lessons over the coming years as his 1988 scenarios are falsified one by one by the weather.

    • Baa Humbug says:

      Yeah Meme Mine, and aren’t we all so glad our forefathers back in 1900 legistlated against the Horse and Cart to enable the development of the clean green motor car that has served us well for 110 years.
      Now all we need to do is legistlate against SUVs and CO2 and the future will be rosy. If we don’t hand all our money to the UN to enable this legistlation, then instead of our great great great grandchildren calling us forefathers, they’ll call us foreskins….for being dickheads an all ya know!!!

  4. Kirt Griffin says:

    Meme Mine,
    You are absolutely correct. The original problem was over population. Destroying our economies was the method to reduce the population by half, a plan hatched at the Rio Earth Conference in ’92. What is you’re chosen method of population control? Sterilization? Unlimited abortions? Limit one child per family like in China? Put something in the water? Now that is what I call a true environmentalist! Of all those complaining about over population, I don’t see anyone volunteering to reduce the total by one.

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