BBC’s “Huge” Bolivian Glacier Was Tiny

To get a feel for just how dishonest climate reporting is at the BBC, check this piece out.

Below, I measure the size of the glacier in 1940 on Google Earth – 0.6 miles long X 0.3 miles wide. Basically a medium sized snowfield.

In the top picture (1996) in the article, their “huge” glacier was about a quarter of a mile long.

No doubt the glacier was bigger 18,000 years ago, and that many glaciers have disappeared since then – including the one that covered Canada, Chicago and New York.

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2 Responses to BBC’s “Huge” Bolivian Glacier Was Tiny

  1. Jimbo says:

    Alpine glaciers are also in full retreat. Unprecedented I tells ya!

    “WORD comes from Switzerland that the Alpine glaciers are in full retreat. Out of 102 glaciers observed by Professor P.L. Mercanton of the University of Lausanne and his associates more than twothirds have been found to be shrinking. ”

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Maybe 1940 had unusual snowfall or maybe there was a drought in 2007. One glacier is hardly overwhelming evidence.

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