Ten Year Brain Lag

Summers are known for pleasant weather. Spring is known for wind, heavy snow, floods and tornadoes. Winter brings blizzards, snow, wind and bitter cold.

During the warm years of the 1990s, the weather was mild. Now that the Earth is starting to cool off, we are seeing more floods and heavy snowstorms.

The climate science community seems to be running about ten years behind the times, blaming the recent snow and floods on weather which happened a decade ago. Winter temperatures in the US, and much of the rest of the northern hemisphere, have been plummeting over the last decade – at a rate of 41 degrees per century. It is time for climate scientists to adjust their thinking to the current millennium.


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7 Responses to Ten Year Brain Lag

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    We had a cold spell in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Then a warm spell between 1980 and 2000. Now it’s back to colder. Weather has always been streaky. What is the big deal? Where is the evidence of any looming catastrophe? Where’s the beef?

  2. Latitude says:

    Andy, what I would like to see explained is why they start these temp graphs at 1800.

    When you go back another 100 years, to 1700, you see the exact same trend temp rise, that they claim is unprecedented and exceptional now.
    and that could not have been because of man made CO2.

    …and the same trend again starting in the early 1900’s

  3. Jimbo says:

    1922 was a particularly bad year in the Arctic.

    “…..hitherto unheard of temperatures in the arctic zone,… ”

  4. PhilJourdan says:

    They can continue to “cook the books” vis-a-vis global temperatures for a while yet. Eventually people will come to see the reality as it cannot be hidden forever.

    I can see certain sections of the planet getting colder as the world as a whole warms. But the entire US? And to such a degree? On top of that, after the extreme weather that was reported all over the planet the past 2 years, yet the temperature still rose. One has to wonder where – and the answer always seems to be – where no one is at.

  5. nofreewind says:

    We had a few warmer Januaries for a time and the US National Audubon wrote a Xmas Bird Count report, full of the usual false and distorted data. They used a graph of Jan temps to show how winter bird counts were going to be completely affected by “global warming”. Of course the last few Januaries and Winter have below normal which has completely thrown their “theory” off. I wonder if they are going to retract the report, probably not, the useful idiots don’t really care about the data, but only the Cause.

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