Trenberth Claims Floods Are Worse Now. Did He Actually Do Any Research?

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12 Responses to Trenberth Claims Floods Are Worse Now. Did He Actually Do Any Research?

  1. Jimbo says:

    Met Office – 14 January 2011

    “In some parts of the world severe flooding is occurring, as very heavy rain and landslides affect regions of Australia, Brazil and much of Sri Lanka.

    Some speculation has surrounded the meteorological reasons for the severe weather, these include a near record La Niña event with colder than normal ocean waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean.
    Meanwhile, the flooding and landslides in southern parts of Brazil are thought not to be directly associated with La Niña. These extreme conditions can be put down to the variable nature of our global weather patterns.”

  2. Boris says:

    You really researched the hell out of that one March 28th flood in Ohio and Indiana. Probably haven’t been any floods since then. Way to show them scientists how it’s done!

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    Yes, Boris is right. You are cherry picking. You are not showing any headlines for all the days that there were no floods, droughts, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, cold waves or epidemics.

  4. Sparks says:

    Has Trenberth ever heard about the catastrophic biblical floods that nearly all ancient cultures speak about in their writings and religious scriptures, to claim that floods Are worse now is a complete ignorant lie, there is plenty of archeological evidence of great floods in earths history, there are too many to mention in our recent past.

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    Science is the anathema to the religion of CAGW. So the answer is – of course not! Why confuse the dogma with the facts?

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