Climate Models Indicate That The Frequency Of Global Warming BS Will Rise Through The End Of The Century

Investigators at Oak Ridge National Laboratory used nine global climate models assuming moderate levels of greenhouse gas emissions (the gases that build up in the atmosphere and trap heat) to compare the climates of 1991 to 2000 with 2091 to 2100.

All nine models found that climate would overall experience warming at the end of the century. However, they forecast that events of extreme cold would still happen, although they would occur less frequently.

“The fact that future extreme cold events will continue to be at least as intense and long-lasting in many regions of the world, even under warming scenarios, may not seem intuitive,” researcher Auroop Ganguly, a civil and environmental engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

So next time you are freezing your butt off, remember that while the cold may be intense – it has a lower frequency.

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12 Responses to Climate Models Indicate That The Frequency Of Global Warming BS Will Rise Through The End Of The Century

  1. stan says:

    I don’t want to live in a climate model.

  2. Edward says:

    Dr. Ganguly is a bright bloke, why do people like this guy treat the rest of the world like they’ve just started reading?

    Is he on the gravy train?

    One can only surmise, that he is immersed in the AGW orthodoxy – on the payroll and thus, constantly echoing and churning out, this type of AGW advocacy; “we’re all doomed” s88te [cold is warm – means AGW, warm means AGW blah blah ….computer says this, that and the other].

    Doctor, you might well be a clever lad, well read…… however it is also easy to read thee.

    Computer models Doc, can be made to prove aught and you damn well know it, now do be a good lad, pipe down – run along and go and do some engineering – civilly.

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    I wonder if running all these climate models uses more electrivity that the pot growers?

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    Warmcold will be around another 100 years! Long live warmcold!!

    This time last year, we were being told snow was a thing of the past. These models are so dependable!

  5. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Warming BS Will Rise Through The End Of The Century


  6. Luke of the D says:

    How can these people even make such claims? They truly are in denial, aren’t they? I’m beginning to wonder if in fact it is some sort of mental illness…

    • suyts says:

      Its called warmcold. Its a well known scientific occurrence. While others came close to articulating the concept, I believe it was first articulated here. NOAA was nice enough to back us up with the paradoxical concept, but they don’t grasp it as well as the “Real Goddard Institute of Scientific Studies”. Although, we did have some help from the good Dr. Syme.

  7. mohatdebos says:

    OK. So we already knew that increased Northern Hemisphere snow falls were the result of global warming. This study concludes that intense cold is also consistent with global warming. After this summer, we will be told that increasing arctic ice is also the result of global warming. It appears that the AGW alarmists have also come to the conclusion that the earth is cooling, and are coming out with studies to show that the cooling is consistent with warming. In other words, warm cold is the new state of the world.

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