It Is Worse Than We Thought. Drug Users Are Killing Polar Bears.

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18 Responses to It Is Worse Than We Thought. Drug Users Are Killing Polar Bears.

  1. Latitude says:

    ……the seals did it

  2. co2insanity says:

    The hippies strike again!

  3. suyts says:

    Imma sending this one to my son-in-law, too!

  4. Back in the 70s, Humboldt County council rejected a proposal from the U.S. Law Enforcement Agency to make aerial sprays with 2,3,5-7 herbicide for eradicating marihuana crops. They refused because the illegal crops brought a revenue of $90 million a year to the county coffers. Now the revenues must have gone up ten-fold.

    • suyts says:

      You’re making an assumptions that is probably errant. You’re assuming they can understand and appreciate how much revenue gets produced by the ventures. And what that means for the community. I don’t think they can.

      It’s just that they hate businesses from prospering. They don’t seem to care what business.

  5. papertiger says:

    There aren’t seven big electric power plants in Humboldt county. There’s only one.

    And even with only one, during the California electricity crisis, Humboldt County was a net exporter of electricity.
    Eff your polar bears.

    • suyts says:

      Now, I’m going to make an assumption, please don’t take it wrong……… but what did you guys do to piss off the warmistas? That’s 2 stories in one day painting dope smokers in a bad light……. FROM CALIFORNIA!!! What the hell is going on??

      • papertiger says:

        Dunno – bong made from non recycled glass maybe?

        Hard to tell what will set the warmista off.

      • suyts says:

        They’re probably just lashing out from all of their fail.

        But still, I always figured a warmista was a dope-smoker on some bad Jamaican stuff. Goes to show about assumptions. Maybe they’re mad about the legal places getting all the business?

      • papertiger says:

        Whatever reason, I’m with Luke on this one. They crossed a Rubicon by taking on the Humboldt county pot growers. They are alienating their natural constituency.
        I mean the only reason there is such a thing as a commercial solar panel market in California is because the underground growers had to hide their operation, prevent PG&E turning their electric bills over to the Feds for the pot bust.

      • suyts says:


  6. mitchel44 says:

    What’s the footprint of football? Or French Wine? Or Beer?

    All produced purely for enjoyment.

    Can’t really see any problem.

    • suyts says:

      HEY!!!!!! Leave my beer alone!!!! That’s just crazy talk! And football!!! Well, if you’re counting the NFL, go ahead. It isn’t football anyway. Its just a run, pass and catch competition.

  7. Red Jeff says:

    17,000 metric tons? How much glaucoma is there in California?

    • papertiger says:

      As much glaucoma as we can get away with.

      They’re seriously getting over-the-top with the pot shops here in my neck of the woods. Two marijuana “clinics” *wink wink* within a block of my home. They open up a store front, put shades over the windows, tape a green cross on the door, and call it something non descript which vaguely suggests legitimacy – like “alternative medical cooperative”.

      On the local stations it’s not unusual to see two or three slickly produced commercials from as many different pot shops sponsoring the late late movie.

  8. Andy Weiss says:

    It looks like we will be lucky to have football this fall. All that money, you would think everyone could be very happy!

    Of course the owners are rich, greedy bastards because you have to be a greedy bastard to become a rich, greedy bastard.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, and you’d expect that. But the players are the ones pissing me off. Can any of us go to our boss and say we want 1/2 of the profits? After laughing us out of their office, they’d say go back to work or go home. And, both groups think there’s no end to the good will of the audience. I loved the ‘boys, but Romo ain’t no Staubach, Jones ain’t no Walt Garrison, and Dallas hasn’t had a Lee Roy Jordan since Lee Roy played. Same goes for Bob Lilly.

      Its just as well, every time I watch an NFL game, I go away thinking about the “Charge of the Light Brigade”. To steal from Pierre Françoise Joseph Bosquet, “C’est magnifique, main ce n’est pas la guerre.”
      (It is magnificent, but it isn’t war.)

      It’s cool to watch, but that ain’t football.

  9. Luke of the D says:

    Alright! This is a good thing! I like potheads and now they have a reason to be on the skeptic side of the argument. This is good… keep up the good work reality-deniers! Alienate everybody!

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