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Scientists Discover Warming Sea Surface Temperatures In The Central Pacific

Cold is the new hot. http://weather.unisys.com/surface/sst_anom.gif Scientists at the University of Washington recently discovered a distinct correlation between warmer temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula and increased surface temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean, near the International Date Line. Using satellite … Continue reading

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Shrinking Sea Ice In Antarctica Killing Penguins

Antarctic ice, which has hit record highs in recent years, is decreasing and increasing simultaneously. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seaice.anomaly.antarctic.png Climate change has hit species of Antarctic penguins by causing a staggering decline in their prey: krill. A new study in the Proceedings of … Continue reading

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Guardian : Trapped Heat From CO2 Is Freezing Peru

The first symptom of excess heat is of course extreme cold. Bring your parka to Death Valley next summer. Climate change campaigners and development NGOs say that the failure of Copenhagen has signed the death warrant for hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Does Bolivia’s Water Supply Depend On This Puddle?

We keep reading stories that Bolivia depends on glaciers for their water supply. Given that Bolivia hardly has any glaciers and that the ones they have are very small, Evo should evacuate the country immediately. It isn’t clear to me … Continue reading

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Early Spring Devastates The Unfrozen North


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Three Decade Long Disinformation Campaign Fails To Convince The Public

Despite years of warnings,  scientific consensus,, global treaty negotiations, and the appearance of predicted increased instances of violent weather and climate refugees, nearly half of Americans don’t worry about global warming.  According to Gallup, the number of Americans who worry … Continue reading

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Llamas Rescue Fish In Cumbria From Climate Models

Emergency rescue from anticipated warming. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

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Scientists Explain Why Hansen/Wirth Sabotaged The Air Conditioning In Congress In June, 1988

http://www.mnn.com/ On June 23, 1988, (Hansen) delivered his testimony in an unusually toasty hearing room. Why was it so warm? As then-Sen. Tim Wirth (D., Colo.), told ABC’s Frontline: “We went in the night before and opened all the windows, … Continue reading

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Your Culture Will Adapt To Service Us

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Resistance Is Futile

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