April 13 – All Of Greenland Still In The Deep Freeze

The tipping point is coming very soon. Then all the ice is going to slide off and drown Mexico City.


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7 Responses to April 13 – All Of Greenland Still In The Deep Freeze

  1. Paul H says:

    I am glad you have taken Andy W’s advice and stopped having funny headlines. But I think he also wanted you to forego funny comments as well.

  2. Al Gored says:

    First, please do not stop creating your marvellously sarcastic and humorous headlines. The stories you cover deserve that treatment.

    Looking at that map I am reminded what some US Congressman – I think? – said about Guam – I think? – tipping over. All that ice on the one side of Greenland looks like trouble…

  3. Its perfectly relevant again to mention the cold spell on greenland/Baffin Island and more. Exactly this area was extraordinary cold in 2010 in this had a huge focus in medias. Interesting how long this will go on.

    K.R. Frank

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    Please don’t stop the funny headlines! You aren’t getting 2 million hits by being overly dry, serious and humorless, per the other side.

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    Maybe we had this all wrong. Does the ice really slide? Maybe it jumps. This would explain earthquakes on the other side of the world too.

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