June 1934 : All 48 States Over 100 Degrees


1934 used to be the hottest year – before USHCN and GISS worked their magic.

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16 Responses to June 1934 : All 48 States Over 100 Degrees

  1. glacierman says:

    Yes, but those elevated temperatures were the result of heat, not CO2 induced warmcold, which as everyone knows is far more damaging to every element in the universe.

  2. Latitude says:

    Not 48, there’s 57 Islamic states….
    ….president said so

  3. TinyCO2 says:

    Are there any early copies of the CRU global temperature record that could be compared with the current versions? In other words did they make a similar change to the early versions or was it just GISS?

  4. P Gosselin says:

    I see only 47 states at 100 or more. Vermont (my home state) is missing.

  5. P Gosselin says:

    And New Hampshire is missing too. Plus New England is a region.
    But those are only details. In all this statistic is very impressive and we need to save it for the next “record breaking” hot days we might have later this summer and when the madia starts freaking about it.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    July 1936 was even hotter in many places. Please post that data when you have a chance. Several states reached 120 degrees!

  7. Josik says:

    The summer of 1937 was a hot in Norway too. Here from The Norwegian Met. Office:

    Summer anomaly for Northern Norway:

    Summer anomaly for Karasjok:

    Arctic, the fastest warming place on Earth……

  8. Andy Weiss says:


    That chart does not seem to show any meaningful warming. It appears that global warming is missing a lot of places, even at higher latitudes, where it is supposedly worse.


  9. Josik says:

    Andy, I can tell you. The last winter in Scandinavia was terrible. Warming? The only warming of the Northern/Arctic region happens at night in James Hansen’s dreams.

    As the figures shows, there is no warming. Even the summers becomes colder…..

  10. NoMoreGore says:

    I’m saving this one…. good find…

  11. Yes, we need to see the July 1936 record, when 14 states established their
    all-time record high temperatures. That was quite a feat indeed.
    On July 12, 1936 it was 114 in Wisconsin Dells. That heatwave set all-time
    records from Nebraska to New Jersey.
    Middleton, Wisc.

  12. Brian Johnson uk says:

    Why hasn’t someone in authority charged USHCN and GISS with blatant fraud? Oh yes “authority” wants the figures to be that way.

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