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GISS US March Temperatures Are A Joke

GISS shows all of the US above normal in March. NOAA  shows about half the US normal to below normal, with portions of Montana and neighboring states ten degrees below normal. How on Earth did Hansen miss that? Ten degrees … Continue reading

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GISS Completely Loses The Plot In March

Hansen thinks most of Greenland was hot in March. 2-10C above normal. RSS (which actually has data in Greenland) shows March very cold. 2-4C below normal. http://www.remss.com/ Where did Hansen get his numbers from? His computer model made them up. … Continue reading

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Met Office Reduces The Length Of Spring To Two Weeks.

The Daily Telegraph have today reported that this April is currently heading toward being the warmest spring on record http://metofficenews.wordpress.com/ We are less than two weeks into April. Spring is twelve weeks long. WTF are they talking about?

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How About A Random Number Generator?

An app which just makes up numbers would be right more often than many prominent climate scientists. UN Offers $10,000 Prize For Best Climate Change App Now creating a great app won’t exactly stop global warming–unless perhaps it manages to … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton : “I Never Had Climate Relations With That Weather”

It was actually CO2 on Monica’s dress. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former U.S. President Bill Clinton announced on Wednesday the merger of their environmental groups, hoping to make it the most prominent climate policy organization in the … Continue reading

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Seal Population Has Quadrupled In The Last Forty Years

Another alarmist author demonstrates that he/she is incapable of coherent thought. Canada’s Seal Hunt Killed by Climate Change ………………………………….. The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans estimates the harp seal population this year is about nine million animals, or about … Continue reading

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CO2 Making Scientists Stupider By The Day

The level of moronity is going off scale. Plate tectonics is driven by convection from heat derived deep in the interior of the Earth. Long-term climate change could be responsible for moving the Earth’s tectonic plates. A team of scientists … Continue reading

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