Visualizing GISS Bloat

The blink comparator above compares GISS March, 2011 anomalies with NCDC March, 2011 anomalies. It is abundantly clear that GISS has a serious problem north of 40N.

Besides the US problem, GISS has heated Canada, much of Alaska, Greenland, and almost the entire Arctic ocean. Eastern Alaska was 2 to 4 C below normal, and GISS made it hot. Same story for much of Canada. We know from satellite data that most of Greenland was far below normal in March, yet GISS made most of the island above normal.

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10 Responses to Visualizing GISS Bloat

  1. Lance says:

    With all that heat, I can’t understand why we still have snow left over from winter. I mean farmers should be watching their crops growing by now…however, reality is that the ground is still frozen, and Ag Alberta I believe yesterday came out and stated that we are at least 2 weeks behind ‘normal’ at this time of year….

    But being an avid gardener, at this time of year, my garden beds are being prepared, and cleaned out of last falls ground cover. Currently…..still covered with snow from winter….and that is ignoring the 14 cm of snow that fell overnight (which is not uncommon though)….

    Your NCDC graph shows the correct color heading towards Alberta…

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    That blink comparator would appear to be a virtual smoking gun. These folks must be getting very desperate. It appears that it is now time for some Watergate style hearings and criminal prosecution.

    Probably instead, we will get the usual hand-wringing from the mainstream media that warming is running out of control and that the planet is doomed.

  3. MichaelM says:

    That’s incredible. Wow.

  4. Latitude says:

    They are both wrong….

    Both are showing above normal for me, and that’s wrong.

  5. Well done!

    Super you have the energy and time to do these things.

    K.R. Frank

  6. Baa Humbug says:

    What can I tell ya, the man is an artist. His red orange masterpieces will travel the worlds galleries.

  7. The Artist did magic over North Atlantic too:

    Greenland actually hit what appears to be all time low at SUMMIT station in central greenland 19 Mar 2011: – 66 Celsius, which happened after a longer period of cold spell on Greenland – and it has been cold there since then.

    K.R. Frank

  8. pyromancer76 says:

    Steven Goddard, thanks for keeping us entertained (in a horrified sort of way) as well as educated about the “climate” nonsense. This is post is especially beautiful and I see your were efforts were appreciated by Frank Lansner among others. I think that’s a real honor. He is one of the WUWT contributers whose work I very much admired. Keep up the fine work. Next time you see Anthony, tell him to stop lending his credibility to Muller and BEST. He and his reputation are being chewed up, something I am sure was planned (with malice aforethought).

  9. richcar 1225 says:

    Arctic ocean heat content is not following Hansens instructions.

    I wonder if the yearly spikes the last few years are related to sea ice volume buildup and heat release.

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