” 500-1000 years before the Gulf region recovers”

BP has killed the Gulf and nobody really knows how long it will take to recover from this man made disaster

Since it will be still another 40 years for Prince William to recover, I estimate it to be about 500-1000 years before the Gulf region recovers.


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5 Responses to ” 500-1000 years before the Gulf region recovers”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Here is something for you Steve from Time Magazine archives.
    After all these years at least Time has shown consistency in its climate reports. ;O)

    “Greenland is getting greener and Iceland’s ice is shrinking. The Arctic is losing its chill……In the 19th Century only a few cod were caught off southwestern Greenland. Now they are schooling far north of the Arctic Circle”

    “At present, the pack contains only 6,500 cubic miles of ice (barely enough to cover the state of Texas with a 125-ft. layer), and it is steadily shrinking. Since 1900, the thickness of the polar icecap has decreased by three feet because of higher general temperatures.”

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Is Price William expected to recover from the delusions he is getting from his father?
    Models are a method of playing What If games and can give a possible range of scenarios. However the output depends on the input and if the input is garbage the output can not be any better.
    Climate Models are built on Wild Ass Guesses which makes for an output of Wild Ass Guesses. The same for the Gulf And Prince William Sound. Natural processes are not well understood so recovery will be when it happens. Natural oil seepage causes more environmental damage than all the Human accidents combined. How long did it take the oceans to recover from WW II with all the ships sunk and fuel spills?

  3. Jimbo says:

    This estimate is based on a crock of shite.

    Fish are thriving.

  4. Jimbo says:

    The Gulf is used to natural oil seeps and there are bacteria there that eat up the oil. The extra ‘food’ means more bacteria and so on until it’s insignificant. In 500 years that commenter won’t be around anyway.


  5. Jimbo says:

    “These natural oil seeps actually prevented the BP spill from becoming an even worse disaster. The Gulf has more natural seeps than any other body of water in or around North America. Because of this constant supply of hydrocarbons, there is always a healthy population of bacteria floating around the Gulf looking for more food.”

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