With Friends Like This ….

The second-biggest story, at 25%, was global warming. Specifically, bloggers focused on the surprising congressional testimony from physics professor, and long-time skeptic of climate change science, Richard Muller. While Muller was expected to present research in opposition to the prevailing views on global warming, Muller instead stated that his work supported the scientific consensus that a warming planet is a significant trend.


Muller presented nothing new. Muller’s temperature set barely differs from HadCRUT. What was his purpose in being there?

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4 Responses to With Friends Like This ….

  1. suyts says:

    Notoriety? Grandstanding? He isn’t even supposedly done checking the temps…… He just picked up the temps GISS and HadCRUT are using and calling it good.

    Do scientist typically make assertions about their work that they have barely started on? Not unless they have a predetermined outcome. Berkeley……pphhhhttt.

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      The streets are narrow and congested with cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Nowhere to park. Restaurants are full. Sometimes there’s a citizen guitar player at an outdoor table near you…… whether you wanted it or not. Three naked people walking around that you may randomly run in to—and the two girls are NOT attractive—take my word on that one, I beg you don’t look for yourself. You’ll see the oddest hair styles and piercings galore in a few people. Oh, there’s a besprinkling of witch/warlock/Wicca to be seen amongst the proliferate. Then the occasional protests, replete with the hackneyed signage, bullhorns, and just for kicks (and just once in a while) they throw in some people holding out in trees! Free Mumia, yoga, and green-yellow-red Bob Marley posters EVERYWHERE–as if you didn’t get the message the first 5 blocks of walking.

      Other than that Berkeley is great!

      And this is where Richard Muller emerged from.

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    The Trojan Horse is a great analogy! Steve really sniffed this out for what it was.

    The “counterculture” probably started with the “free speech” movement at Berkeley during the early 60’s. It is still alive and well there, almost 50 years later.

  3. Charles Higley says:

    Muller is a disappointment as he is folding and just rubber-stamping the artificial and dishonest alteration of the temperature data.

    He was supposed to be a warmist who also wanted to use his reputation as a scientist with integrity to really clear the air about the data.

    I guess once a warmist, by definition thus not a scientist, always a warmist.

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