Nunavut Flooding At -15C

With the cold winter weather tapering off, the often repeated comments about “so-called global warming and climate change,” sparked by bitterly cold temperatures and “snowmageddons,” still resonate.

First let’s get the terminology straight. Climate change is the change in climatic conditions of regions which, yes, do include temperature, but also many of the Earth’s other systems. Global warming is the overall increase in temperature across the globe. Simple enough, right?

While the more serious effects of climate change are not being felt by residents of southern Ontario, they are being felt by the communities in northern Canada. Flooding, increased rainfall and increased temperatures are drastically changing the traditional lifestyles of some aboriginal communities, and affecting water quality and health. Yet news and reports are very rare on this increasingly pressing issue. Half of our country cannot be forgotten.

Is it getting hot or is it just me?

Kendra King, Ancaster

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2 Responses to Nunavut Flooding At -15C

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Yeah, its getting blazing hot, like 20’s in upper Michigan. We are all frying!

  2. mohatdebos says:

    All the cold has moved to Detroit because we are not building as many SUVs as we used to. One to two inches of snow is forecast for much of Southeastern Michigan tonight.

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