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Puffington Host : Moving Deeper To Where The Sun Never Shines

I hate this feeling that we are degenerating into a dark ages mentality, but that seems to be where we are headed. Plate tectonics really has nothing to do with liberal neuroses. The mantle couldn’t care less how stupid the … Continue reading

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Charles Manson Joins Osama Bin Laden On Team AGW

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ h/t Marc Morano

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Water On Mars

Mars has huge erosional features formed by water. How could this be? It is far too cold for there to be liquid water on Mars. You can’t blame it on the Sun, because according to astronomers the Sun used to … Continue reading

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Kenyan Breaks Marathon World Record. Obama Not There To Greet Him


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Steig Says Antarctica Is Melting

Steig reminds that a short term trend on a tiny portion of Antarctica, can be extrapolated to represent long term trends across the entire continent. http://summitcountyvoice.com/

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Despite High Levels Of CO2, Mars Is Cold

Mars has a mean surface pressure of 600 pascals, compared with Earth’s 100,000 pascals. In other words, the atmospheric pressure on Earth is about 150 times higher than Mars. Mars has 0.95 mole fraction CO2, compared to 0.0004 on earth. … Continue reading

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Record Global Warming In Chicago

It may be record cold in Australia, India, Canada and Greenland, but Chicago is heating up with record snow. This is what Hansen was trying to show us with his GISS temperatures that nearly tied the hottest year ever last … Continue reading

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