Facts Are Not Important When You Are Saving The Universe

“If you ask me as a person, do I think the Russian heat wave has to do with climate change, the answer is yes,” said Gavin Schmidt, a climate researcher with NASA in New York. “If you ask me as a scientist whether I have proved it, the answer is no — at least not yet.”


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16 Responses to Facts Are Not Important When You Are Saving The Universe

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Was the Russian heat wave as bad as the 1930’s US Dust Bowl heatwaves? Very unlikely.

  2. Scott says:

    Hey, he admitted the truth. I see nothing wrong with the above statement. If that’s what the public had gotten from the start, I’d have much more respect for the CAGW community.


    • glacierman says:

      I do. He says he doesn’t have the proof yet. That is the problem with how they do everything. Everything bad in the world is caused by CO2 and they approach every problem by coming up with a plausible argument to blame CO2. Give Gavin enough time and they will have a model that “proves” the Russian heat wave was caused by increased CO2. And we all know that climate scientists believe model output is reality, their reality at least…..plus they will get a couple days of headlines out of it when they release their study “proving” it.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    His statement shows that as a trained Climatologist he has no clue about weather. Claims such as this also proves he does not belong in the field!

  4. Traitor in Chief says:

    Gavin: ……”and if you ask me as a Shaman, I would say that Gaia is angry, and the sky will begin spontaneous combustion soon……”

  5. pwl says:

    Oh my gosh, a moment of honesty from a Hockey Stick Data Fabrication Fraud Team Member.

    Gavin Schmidt admits that global warming of Russia during the summer is ONLY a hypothesis that they have yet to prove with actual evidence. What has stricken Gavin? Check his fever. He doesn’t sound well at all.

    He also admits that he’s belief stricken with his hypothesis and that he’s going to work hard to prove it regardless; ah all is normal. Can’t wait to see the data he cooks up and fabricates on this one with the magical fantasy wonders of climate science statistics.

  6. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    “If you ask me as a scientist whether I have proved it, the answer is no”

    Ya, what the fuck would any scientist need proof for before saying something is true.

  7. Luke of the D says:

    Watch the language Mr. Meteorites! But yes, you are correct… for anyone to say such a thing (while claiming they are a “scientist”) really does tell you how far we’ve fallen… future generations really will call this the “Stupid Age”.

  8. BT Harley says:

    Gavin…typical climastrologist…

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