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Facts Are Not Important When You Are Saving The Universe

“If you ask me as a person, do I think the Russian heat wave has to do with climate change, the answer is yes,” said Gavin Schmidt, a climate researcher with NASA in New York. “If you ask me as … Continue reading

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Cold In Pachauri’s World

SHIMLA: Even as concern is being spread about global warming, it has been the coldest April in over a decade, as far as this erstwhile summer capital of the British raj is concerned, with both the average day and average … Continue reading

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The Lapse Rate Is Independent Of Greenhouse Gas Content

Some readers insist on denying the obvious fact that Venus temperatures are due to high atmospheric pressure. The latest argument being that the lapse rate is dependent on GHG levels. This is trivial to demonstrate as incorrect. The first problem … Continue reading

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Extreme Cold Continues Across Canada And Greenland


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Hansen Discusses The Magical Properties Of CO2

Hansen demonstrates that his stance on CO2 is irrational, and that climate science peer-review is complete crap. How does this garbage get published? Hansen 2003 : The soot albedo effect operates in concert with regional warming in most of the … Continue reading

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May 22, 2008

Three years ago a massive tornado struck Windsor, Colorado – destroying several miles of the city. The morning started with the dew point in the 70s, which never happens in Colorado. I grabbed the kids out of school and we … Continue reading

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Dead Mollusk Tells Scientist That The Arctic Is Doomed

Paul picked the World Cup perfectly, but he was alive at the time. Global warming to melt all ice in Arctic Ocean every summer: study LOS ANGELES, April 17 (Xinhua) — Global warming will melt all the ice in the … Continue reading

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“With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk”

Attributed to von Neumann by Enrico Fermi, as quoted by Freeman Dyson in “A meeting with Enrico Fermi” in Nature 427 (22 January 2004) p. 297 http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/John_von_Neumann What did Von Neumann mean by this? He meant that by using enough input variables, you can get any … Continue reading

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Earth To Jim, Glaciers Have Been Retreating For Nearly 20,000 Years

The vast majority of glacial retreat occurred before humans started burning coal. One  might expect the world’s greatest climatologist to have a grasp of basic science before he talks to the press. “Tibet’s glaciers are retreating at an alarming rate,” … Continue reading

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Your Breath Makes CO2. I’m Going To Sue You.

She turned me into a newt. One of the more colorful cases was filed by a native Alaskan village with a population of 400 suing two dozen utility, energy, and oil companies for $400 million in damages to compensate the … Continue reading

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