-62F In Greenland in Mid-April

Not a peep out of Romm, Hansen or the Met Office. The press is printing endless garbage about Greenland melting down.


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7 Responses to -62F In Greenland in Mid-April

  1. Al Gored says:

    Looking at that range, from -62 to -1 in Greenland, reminds me of how silly global average temperatures are.

  2. Svend Hendriksen says:

    It’s still cold in Greenland (April 2011)


    • Mike Davis says:

      You mean I will not be getting a shipment of Pineapples from Greenland this year? Where has all the Warming Gone! 8)

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    More data for Hansen to throw in the can!

  4. Deb says:

    It’s old news by now that “global climate disruption,” as it’s more accurately known, is not characterized by a steady increase in warmth around the world, but by marked fluctuations in extremes. We’ve already covered this ground – “it snowed, so warming is a hoax!” is a very short-sighted response. It’s not about daily weather, it’s about long-term trends, and the data is clear on this – as are the conclusions of several independent bodies who have examined the science and agreed it is valid. It’s happening! Moving on to constructive action please!!

  5. Michael Moon says:


    The data are not clear. We have “accurate” temperature records only back to about 1850 for most of the world, a couple of longer records from Great Britain back to the 1600’s. There are no perfect dependable proxies, and the tree-ring-proxies people freely admit divergence.
    Have you worked with data professionally? If not, do you have any friends you trust who have? “Scientists” who claim the data are clear either get their grants that way, or are not scientists at all, but activists who went to grad school.
    Just examine a simple concept known as “significant digits.” Weather thermometers are only accurate to +-0.5 degrees C, and in many many cases not even that. Debating a temperature rise on the order of 0.1 degrees C is senseless, we simply do not know accurately enough what the temperature used to be to say with any degree of precision or accuracy that it is rising now.
    Before AGW became a media cause celebre, researchers all agreed on the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Climate Optimum, and several other recent warmings. Now “climate scientists” fall all over themselves to make these inconvenient truths disappear.
    Check it yourself, do not rely on anyone else to examine the science for you.

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