New Paper Confirms That Sea Level Rise Has Accelerated

The paper confirms that the ocean has been rising in fits and starts since the 19th century. And both the tide gauges and satellites show that the rate of sea-level rise appears to have accelerated in the early 1990s, so that the ocean is now rising at about a foot per century, perhaps slightly less. That is almost twice the rate of increase that prevailed through most of the 20th century.

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8 Responses to New Paper Confirms That Sea Level Rise Has Accelerated

  1. Les Johnson says:

    Steven: where is the site I can get that chart, or better, the raw data?

  2. Les Johnson says:

    About 30 seconds after posting, I found your earlier post with the link.

    What do you use to open the CDF file?

    • That is a pain. I use ncview, which mainly runs on Linux. I have a Windows version, but it won’t work on most people’s systems. NCAR graphics (ncl) are reasonably good, but also a pain on Windows. I’ve tried a couple of other Netcdf packages which supposedly run on windows, but they don’t.

  3. Dave G says:

    Why then isn’t the MSM and insurance companies saying ” Stop all coastal building and for people to move inland” if the oceans are rising so bad?

  4. PhilJourdan says:

    A foot a century? (assuming the article is true). So much for worrying about Iowa Sea Front Property! đŸ˜‰

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