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Frightening Death Spiral

We are a full half a standard deviation below the mean, with extent dropping by  a minuscule amount every day. http://arctic-roos.org/

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New Paper Confirms That Sea Level Rise Has Accelerated

The paper confirms that the ocean has been rising in fits and starts since the 19th century. And both the tide gauges and satellites show that the rate of sea-level rise appears to have accelerated in the early 1990s, so … Continue reading

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Upping The Ante : Sea Level To Rise 1.5 Metres By 2100

Konrad Steffen, the Director of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), provides an analysis of Greenland’s ice sheet. He predicts that the Earth’s sea level will continue to rise to at least one and a half meters … Continue reading

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Cities Doomed By CO2


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Conservatives Do Not Believe In Science

This must include Freeman Dyson. This begins to explain why so many conservatives do not believe in global warming and science in general. When you have an unshakable belief in your own little world — that cow farts are responsible … Continue reading

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Michelle Loves The US

2011 : “I want to embrace the country that I love. The country that I know is positive and fair and there’s so much of that out there, that’s it very easy to kind of push the other stuff aside … Continue reading

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Obama said. “I love Texas.”

ROFLMAO http://content.usatoday.com/

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Sea Level Has Dropped 30mm Since The End Of 2009

h/t to Anthony for finding the NOAA site. Now we aren’t dependent on the nearly useless University of Colorado site. http://ibis.grdl.noaa.gov/SAT/SeaLevelRise/LSA_SLR_timeseries_global.php

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Boston Globe Forecasts Three Feet Of Sea Level Rise This Century

Several lines of research now indicate that a 3-foot global rise by 2100 is a plausible scenario, though some scientists forecast a smaller rise. In other words, what was once a problem for our great great-grandchildren is one our children … Continue reading

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30C Below Normal Forecast For Greenland This Week


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