Sea Level Has Dropped 30mm Since The End Of 2009

h/t to Anthony for finding the NOAA site. Now we aren’t dependent on the nearly useless University of Colorado site.

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20 Responses to Sea Level Has Dropped 30mm Since The End Of 2009

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    If both hot and cold are consistent with a warming planet, both higher and lower sea levels are likewise possible.

  2. Lance says:

    This is catastrophic….
    we must raise taxes to fight this

    ….another nail…..?

  3. Sean McHugh says:

    It’s happening faster than we thought. 🙂

  4. Latitude says:

    I wonder how many people are working on thermal expansion right now………

  5. pwl says:

    30mm drop in ~2.25 years, wow. 3cm, where did it all go? Back into ice? Back into moisture in the air? Back onto land and lakes? Back into snow? Or did somebody get a big straw and take a really long drink?

  6. Bill Williams says:

    I would put money on this being “corrected” very soon.

  7. chris y says:

    This catastrophic drop in sea level was predicted by NASA GISS decades ago. The CO2-induced climate tipping point has been reached. Oceans will continue to vaporize at an accelerating rate due to blisteringly cool ocean temperatures, leading to sea level dropping at a catastrophic rate. This is amplified by the startling ‘increase’ in global cyclone activity over the past decade that have killed billions, as cyclones efficiently transport water vapor into the atmosphere. The resulting runaway greenhouse effect of the extra water vapor will further lower ocean temperatures, leading to further vaporization. This unstable positive feedback cycle will be exacerbated by increased cloud cover, since changing temperatures cause precipitation to exponentially increase/decrease, leading to further dramatic ocean cooling. Polar ice will catastrophically increase in extent and volume, as the data now clearly shows. The runaway positive feedback loop will result in an iceball “Eaarth” within 25 years, as most of the oceans freeze solid and remain vaporized in the atmosphere. Atmospheric pressure will approach that of Venus.

    Although it is too late, we must start taxing fossil fuels immediately and reduce global population to 100 million. We need to look to the lessons learned from prior successful policies regarding DDT, CFC’s and CFL’s to help ensure the survival of the chosen few. One bold policy proposal involves increasing or decreasing the gravitational constant of ‘Eaarth’ by a factor of 10 to reduce or increase the adiabatic lapse rate of the atmosphere. With an eagle eye laser-focused on the carbon tax windfall, NASA and NSF have already submitted funding requests of $100B/year to study the approach, and are hopeful that a small demonstration experiment could be completed by 2100.

    • Dr. Killpatient says:

      You are clearly a racist.

      • fred nerk says:

        the banning of DDT has caused millions of deaths from Malaria and other diseases carried by insects,misguided good intentions are just as lethal as bullets

    • Ian says:

      Lol…good one. AGW alarmists do have all the bases covered. They’re getting away from calling it Global Warming to Climate Change because that encompases everything.

  8. – looks like the lowest january sea – level since 2003?

    K.R. Frank

  9. Luke of the D says:

    Clearly that’s global warming’s fault. It causes everything you know. Everything. Consensus said so.

  10. Dennis says:

    In response to Chris Y. “Iceball earth” by 2035 and a small demonstration experiment by 2100? I trust there will be heaters on at the demonstration laboratories. Perhaps all we need is one more cyclone given that ten years worth have killed “billions”. Billions of what, ants? As far as the “chosen few”, I sincerely hope you will not be among them Adolf.

  11. Hugh Patterson says:


  12. Svend Hendriksen says:

    Wow… 30 mm = 10800 km3 water

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